What’s New at Central Point Eyecare


A New Brand of Eye Glasses

Looking to break the mold with your next pair or glasses?  Etnia Barcelona is freshly on our shelves, a line of frames described as “bold” and “colorful”.  Etnia Barcelona styles range from urban to “classic with a twist”.  Pop into our optical department to check out our new options!

etnia barcelona

Package Deals

Need some new frames or lenses for you or your family?  All patients paying out of pocket and looking for some new, quality lenses will have an opportunity to save.


We have teamed up with one of our labs to give you deals on kids’ frames and lenses; as well as adults’ single vision, bifocal, trifocals and progressive lenses.


All packages come with Trivex—a lightweight and highly impact-resistant material—as well as a no-glare coating and a 2-year warranty.  Stop by Central Point Eyecare and talk to one of our opticians for more details.





Central Point Eyecare is launching its own Instagram page, so that you can keep up on the latest in eye fashion, as well as the newest and latest going-ons at Central Point Eyecare!  Check out our new social media account @centralpointeyecare.    



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