5 of the Most Incredible Eyes in the Animal Kingdom


There’s no question that the human eye is incredibly designed in its ability to capture light and convert it into an image in our brain.  Some of the most high-tech cameras invented by mankind are merely imitating what was built into our bodies.

But humans are not the only ones with complex and amazing vision.  The following creature eyes are both absurd and amazing, some of them seemingly straight out of a sci-fi!

The Coolest Animal Eyes Countdown…

  1. Camel Eyes


The long, dark lashes on a camel instantly gives them the cute factor.  But in their natural habitat, that doesn’t do them much good. Fortunately, they are also functional to block the sands and wind from their eyes.  More impressively, camels actually have three sets of eyelids, all of which help to keep out the desert dust and to keep in moisture. One of their eyelids is so paper thin that they can actually see through it, coming in handy as “windshield” during sandstorms.


  1. Rock Hyrax Eyes


These unimpressive-looking, little desert creatures live throughout Africa and some parts of the  Middle East. As evident in their name, rock hyraxes tend to stick to the rocks and boulders in their environment.  And wisely so, for many large birds, large cats, and snakes prey on them. But like a hidden weapon to these rodent-like animals, hyrax eyes are a main reason why they have stayed so heavily populated.  Their lenses on their eyes actually function like a pair of sunglasses, to filter out the light and enable them to see the birds of prey above them. They also have two eyelids, similar to the camel.  


  1.  Giant Squid Eyes

Admittedly, these animal eyes make the list entirely because of their size. That said, their size is quite impressive!  At about 10 inches—or the size of a dinner plate—the giant squid eye is rarely seen. This is because they dwell deep in the ocean and are discovered, generally, by fishing boats on accident. It is believed that these 40-feet water-dwellers have their enormous eyeballs so that they can spot the whales hunting them, from hundreds of feet away.  


  1. Chameleon Eyes


Just by glimpsing the intense eyeballs on a chameleon, their uniqueness is evident.  First of all, chameleons have eyelids that encircle their entire eye, whereas most eyelids are just on top.  In addition, chameleons have the capability to move their eyes independent of one another, which means they can essentially see two things at once.  This gives them an advantage against their many sky and land predators.


  1. Cuttlefish Eyes


An interesting fish all around, the cuttlefish eye makes the top of the list, noted for both the interesting physical appearance of their eye as well as their “super-vision”.  Cuttlefish are often noted for their ability to quickly change colors to escape from prey. But if it were not for their remarkable eyes, this tool would be useless.


Their W-shaped pupils are fascinating to look at, but they also arm them with “the most acute polarization vision found in any animal”.   So while humans see color, animals with polarized vision perceive a different aspect of light. While much of this is still being studied, they are learning that much of these creatures’ behaviors probably revolve around their unique vision.  


Also, Cuttlefish have an extremely wide range of vision, with no blind spots.  They can even see “backwards”. This incredible sight develops before they are even hatched from the egg.

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