Look Out!


Every year in our country, 2.5 million eye injuries occur.  Two and a half million! And sadly, of these injuries, about 50,000 will result in some degree of permanent vision loss.

Admittedly, many of these accidents happen at random and are, therefore, quite unavoidable.  I mean, there may not be a whole lot you can do to protect yourself from that unsuspecting, dagger-like Christmas ornament, thrown with surprising accuracy across the room by your five-year old.  However, for many of these common eye injuries, there are multiple preventative measure you can and should be taking.

A Closer Look at the Numbers…


Eye Injuries on the Job.

Annually, 200,000 workers are surprised and often sidelined by eye injuries.
This results in 300 million dollars in workers’ compensation, lost production and medical expenses.
3 out of 5 affected workers were not wearing protective eyewear at the time of their injury, and of those that were, many were not wearing the correct type.


The bottom line is, a whopping 90% of eye injuries could be eliminated by wearing proper eye protection!  If you are engaged in a high-risk activity for eye injuries, using ANSI-approved safety eyewear will greatly reduce your risk of serious eye injury.  Statistics show that it’s worth it to pop into your local eye doctor and gear yourself up with the proper eye protection for your specific workplace!


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